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by MarcoWilliams 2016-02-09

A Free PlayFab Custom Game Server

It's no big secret that PlayFab allows you to upload and run a Game Server build for free.  It's super easy to do;  you just go to the servers tab in Game Manager click on the Builds subtab and then upload a .exe file.

Sounds simple right?  We even have a nice and informational “how to” tutorial for Custom Game Servers,  which explains the essentials of how game servers are hosted in PlayFab, and how to upload and manage them via our Admin API and Game Manager.

Well, there is quite a bit that goes into making the game server to start with, and up until recently we didn’t have a clear example of building the file that you are going to upload, containing the server executable and any files it needs.

I am proud to announce that we do now. Based on feedback from our development community, we've put together a custom game server that covers the fundamentals.  That way, you can add you own logic to it, saving time and effort in getting a scalable server solution for your games.

The PlayFab Game Server is an out of the box solution that you can use as the foundation for building server side authoritative code and multiplayer experiences.  Under the hood, we are doing the heavy lifting for you, with a Game Server framework that is super easy to use and extend.

We'll add more to it as we come up with more and better ways for people to use it, but here's what it provides already:

  • Accepts and stores configuration parameters that are passed into the command line of the server
  • Sets up Unity Networking and waits for incoming connections
  • Manages connections, PlayFab authorization, and disconnections
  • Writes to a log which you can retrieve via the PlayFab Game Manager
  • Provides a local debugging mode

In addition we have thrown in a Sample Client Application so you can see exactly how to communicate with your server.  See the youtube video demo.

This core set of functionality allows you to spend more time writing your server logic and less time building the fundamental blocks to have a working game server.

For now check out our  file for a quick tutorial on getting started.  You can download the game server from the public github repository.  In addition, we'll be releasing more advanced tutorials soon, so keep an eye on the tutorials section of

Thanks and I hope you enjoy using the PlayFab Custom Game Server as much as I enjoyed making it!