Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

by Zac Bragg 2016-01-08

A Special Thanks to the PlayFab Community Developers

The PlayFab developer community has been busy creating cool little projects that make PlayFab easier to use. In this blog post we want to share some of these with you, in hopes that you’ll find some of these useful as well.


We purposely shared our SDK generator via GitHub in hopes that developers would use it to create new SDK’s for their favorite languages or platforms…. and sure enough, we’ve had two!

Nico Gruende contributed the initial version of a Java SDK, which can be used for both native Java Android development, as well as server side Java code. We’ve gone ahead and incorporated this SDK into our core set of fully supported and tested SDK’s.

Josh Lyons built an Unreal Blueprint SDK, which makes it easy to use PlayFab in Unreal Blueprints applications. We’re starting to see more and more interest in using Blueprints for real games, so this is very timely. Again, we’ve taken this work in and now it’s fully tested and supported by PlayFab.

If you don’t see your favorite language listed, consider building our own.


One common request we get is a desire to maintain game catalogs in a spreadsheet. Rich Joslin has gone ahead and done something about it -- he built a Google Sheet that includes code to do exactly that! Check out his sample Google Sheet for building a PlayFab item catalog within Google Sheets, then exporting it into JSON, directly uploadable via our Game Manager.

Join the contributor community

And of course we’re always looking for new projects to share! If you’ve written something you’re proud of, let us know! We’d love to help you share it with the community!

If you haven’t checked out our Admin API set, you should do so -- it’s pretty cool. There are a bunch of commands in there that can automate data storage and retrieval and can be used to build cool new tools.