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byCJWilliams 2020-02-19

Announcing CloudScript using Azure Functions

We heard your feedback, and have been hard at work on a more convenient, powerful and scalable CloudScript.

Available today in Public Preview, CloudScript using Azure Functions brings support for new languages (including C#) as well as local debugging in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Asynchronous execution allows CloudScript using Azure Functions to run for extended durations (up to 10 minutes), with no limits on API calls, and the freedom to leverage the numerous available Azure features such as CosmosDB, Azure SQL, MongoDB, EventHub, etc.  

There are a number of additional features we plan to add over the coming months and we invite you to provide feedback on additional capabilities you would like to see in CloudScript.

We invite you to get started using the Public Preview today. To help you get started watch a video overview here and go to our getting started guide.