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byCJWilliams 2019-03-18

Announcing PlayFab Insights (Private Preview) - Game Data That Drives Intelligent Action

As part of the Microsoft Game Stack announcement we're excited to launch a private preview of PlayFab Insights. Insights is a PlayFab offering that combines high throughput, in-game telemetry with game data from multiple different sources to measure your game’s performance and create actionable insights. Combining data to provide a holistic view of your players is essential in being able to respond and create great experiences that help retain them. PlayFab Insights gives you this holistic view.

Insights is powered by Azure Data Explorer, a fast and  scalable data exploration service for log and telemetry data that provides fast indexing and queries on large, diverse data sets. The Insights engine can query millions of records in seconds – critical for games producing high throughput and massive gaming data sets. 

The service quickly provides complete access to your game's raw telemetry data under 5 minutes from ingestion; and uses a powerful SQL-like query language that's optimized for data exploration and analytics.  Your data can be joined with other data sets that PlayFab will make available, or you can import from your own sources like acquisition channels, economy, or marketing metrics data sources.

Some of the PlayFab Insights capabilities include:

  • Powerful SQL-like query language that's optimized for ad-hoc data exploration and analytics 
  • Analysis of high volumes of heterogeneous data (structured and unstructured) 
  • Data integration with multiple data connectors like Power BI, Grafana, Excel 
  • Import and export your data to/from external platforms and formats 
  • Data privacy and governance managed with GDPR compliance 
  • Custom data pipeline scheduling and monitoring 
  • Machine learning models you can run on your data to provide undiscovered actionable insights
Montetization focused PowerBI dashboard built on PlayFab Insights
Montetization focused PowerBI dashboard built on PlayFab Insights
Executive Level PowerBI Dashboard built on PlayFab Insights
Executive Level PowerBI Dashboard built on PlayFab Insights

If you are interested in learning more, we will be showing PlayFab Insights at the Game Developers Conference this week at the Microsoft Game Stack GDC booth (S427).  We are currently inviting a limited number of PlayFab customers to test drive the new functionality.

Visit PlayFab Insights online documentation for detailed getting started steps and tutorials to maximize your trial preview.