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byNatasha Orie 2020-04-21

Announcing Rewarded Ads

Were excited to announce the release of our newest LiveOps feature: Rewarded Ads. With Rewarded Ads, you can easilgrant rewards to your players for watching in-game video ads from any third-party ad provider.

Rewarded video ads are an important component of the monetization strategy for most free-to-play games, but rewarded ad is only as valuable as the reward itself. If the player isn’t motivated by your reward, they won’t watch the ad, and all players are different. An experienced level 100 player will not be motivated by the same reward you’d offer to a brand new level 1 player. Learn what works best by setting up and testing different reward strategies targeted at different player segments.  

You can also assign weights to a set of rewards based on their respective valueThe chancof scoring a more valuable reward can act as a strong incentive for players. 

We’d love to hear your feedback on this latest feature, as well as what additional features you’d like to see in the future. To start using Rewarded Ads today, head over to our getting started guide. You can find the service under the Automation tab in Game Manager.