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byCJWilliams 2020-02-19

Announcing the open source PlayFab Visual Studio Code Extension

We are excited to announce a new open source Visual Studio Code Extension for PlayFab. Visual Studio Code is Microsoft’s free, open source, run anywhere code editor optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. (It's also ideal for Unity C# scripts.)

The PlayFab Extension is available now in the Visual Studio Marketplace. In addition, the extension is open source with code available in GitHub. We continue to iterate on the PlayFab Extension and you are welcome to add features and improvements along with us.

This extension lets you run PlayFab admin commands inside Visual Studio Code, so you can manage your code and configuration together. It’s now easier than ever to get and set title data, and edit and debug CloudScript (including CloudScript using Azure Functions).  This shouldn’t be viewed as a replacement for Game Manager but is meant to enhance developer productivity when you are in the middle of development putting PlayFab capabilities and access to your PlayFab configuration right in your IDE.

Here is the full list of new capabilities: 

  • Open Game Manager
  • Get and Set title data
  • Get and Set title internal data
  • Get entity profile
  • List Cloud Script using Azure Functions
  • Register HTTP Cloud Script Functions
  • Register Queued Cloud Script Functions
  • Unregister Cloud Script Functions
  • Enabling and disabling Cloud Script debugging
  • Get and Update Cloud Script revisions.