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by JamesGwertzman 2016-07-13

Announcing Twitch Integration

Today we’re happy to announce support for Twitch authentication with PlayFab. You can now authenticate players in your game using their Twitch credentials. We have also added four new API calls: LoginWithTwitch, LinkTwitch, UnlinkTwitch, and GetPlayFabIDsFromTwitchIDs.

To use Twitch integration with PlayFab:

  • Create your developer account on Twitch, and retrieve your Client ID.
  • Visit the PlayFab Add-on page for Twitch and click “Install.”
  • Enter your Client ID, and click “Install” again.
  • Use the new API calls to login or link a Twitch account with a PlayFab account, just like you would with Facebook.

The Login and Link API calls require a Twitch access token. More information on obtaining Twitch access tokens can be found at You’ll likely want to use the Implicit Grant Flow, and store the access tokens for future LoginWithTwitch calls or other calls to the Twitch API. Note that, at this time, Twitch access tokens do not expire.