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by JamesGwertzman 2015-03-31

Are You Awesome? Come Work at PlayFab

Hiring is simultaneously one of the most fun parts of being a CEO and one of the most difficult. You meet all these great people with terrific ideas, but you can't actually hire all of them. You also need to make sure that great people are matched up with the right job and the right team structure that will let them (and the company) excel.

As I mentioned when announcing our recent Series A funding, PlayFab is about to enter a period of rapid expansion, both of our ambitions and our team. We've launched a new Jobs page and posted eight new openings. That may not sound like a lot, but at our current size, every new employee has the potential to make a huge impact on our culture and results.

I'm very proud of the culture we've built so far. We like to joke that our motto could be "no foosball table" and what that's really about is our priorities. We like our jobs, but we also like our friends and families. We think the best way to enjoy both is to show up, work really hard, and then go home on time. No kegs, no nerf guns, just lots of really smart people tackling hard problems. (OK, and exchanging the occasional owl gif over Slack.)

We like hiring smart people and then giving them the support they need to get things done without a lot of process. We believe in asking forgiveness instead of permission, and we know the best idea may come from anyone. Most of all, we believe in being a team and looking out for each other. Nothing's more fun than celebrating each other's success.

On a more practical basis, we're located in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square neighborhood, which is easily reachable by car, bus, train, or ferry. We're walking distance from Seattle's football (both kinds) and baseball stadiums and are surrounded by great lunch places.

Does PlayFab sound like your kind of company? Or the kind of company where someone you know would fit in well? Take a look at the following job descriptions and keep an eye for future postings. We're also always happy to look at resumes that don't precisely match our current needs.


Head of Marketing
We are looking for a creative yet quantitative Head of Marketing to help us educate the world about PlayFab.

Head of Product
We are looking for an enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, and effective Head of Product to develop and own the roadmap and feature set for our world-class set of live game operation tools.

Head of Sales
We are looking for a superstar Head of Sales to take responsibility for all sales and revenue at PlayFab, building on our already strong momentum to accelerate growth around the world.

Developer Success

Game Operations Evangelist
We are looking for a world-class game operations expert to apply their extensive knowledge and experience to help our game developer customers close that gap.

Head of Game Developer Success
We are looking for an entrepreneurial and highly effective leader for our Developer Success team. This group is central to our efforts to build a large, passionate customer base of game developers and publishers.


DevOps Engineer
We are looking for a DevOps engineer to operate, automate and scale the infrastructure that powers our live game operations platform.

Sr. Front End Developer
We are looking for a senior front-end web developer to take our world-class set of live game operation tools to the next level.

Sr. Game Client Engineer
We are looking for an experienced Sr. Game Client Engineer to own all client-side components of our live game operations backend and tools.