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byAzure PlayFab Team 2021-01-14

Azure PlayFab Multiplayer Servers adds new regions in Asia and US to reduce player latency and give multiplayer games even more choice

Azure PlayFab is adding to the list of regions supported by Multiplayer Server hosting. Effective immediately, game developers can start hosting game servers in the following new regions:

In Asia:

  • Korea Central
  • India Central
  • UAE North

In the United States:

  • US West 2 (thus making 7 total regions in the continental USA)

This brings the total number of regions supported by PlayFab Multiplayer Server Hosting to 22, ensuring that gamers around the globe are under 100 milliseconds of latency to an Azure gaming server – and most are within 15-20 milliseconds!

To use these new regions, simply provision them directly in the PlayFab Game Manager portal. 

Region Selection in PlayFab Game Manager

Quality of Service support

These new regions have also been added to the automated Quality of Service feature provided by PlayFab MPS, whereby your game clients can automatically ping all regions where your game server is deployed to determine the closest region. No more reverse IP lookups or asking players to select a datacenter – simply make a call via the PlayFab SDK to determine the region that will give players the best gaming experience.

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