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by Brent Elmer 2018-10-16

Benchmarks: Your Performance in Context

Today, we're pleased to introduce our new Benchmark comparisons feature, available today for the retention metric on the Trends tab. Benchmarks put your performance metrics in context, offering insights into your title's strengths and weaknesses that can help you determine where to apply limited resources and know when to move out of soft launch into commercial release. 

Benchmarks are calculated monthly from anonymized aggregate performance metrics across all live PlayFab titles. When we have too little valid data to appropriately anonymize, Benchmarks will not be shown.  This level of aggregation means game developers can feel confident in the data they see while resting assured their title’s data will remain protected. 

This release is the first step in a journey. Over the next quarter, we’ll introduce additional benchmarks for session length, active users, new users, and transactions. We'll also enable targeted comparisons against other games like yours. To make this possible, we’ve updated the Title Info page to collect genre, marketplace, and modes information that will be used to slice this data at a finer grain.

 As always, we want your feedback! Please reach out by posting a feature request to our forums.