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byAndy 2020-10-09

Building Lobbies with Azure PlayFab

In many games, lobbies are an important part of the multiplayer and community dynamic. You may want a place where players can group-up before a match, chat with their friends, or search for a match in progress. While PlayFab groups and matchmaking preview provide answers to some of these, there’s some additional glue needed to bring it all together. To that end, our friends at SOUTHWORKS recently posted their solution to GitHub for use by the PlayFab community. Please take a look at their multiplayer tic-tac-toe sample here:

We like this solution, as it brings together PlayFab and other Azure services to create a cohesive end-to-end experience that can be adapted to the unique requirements of each game. It provides a blueprint for creating, browsing, and searching lobbies, along with joining an existing lobby. It’s not hard to imagine extending this to browsing multiplayer servers, connecting players into a PlayFab Party, or even searching guilds.

We look forward to shining a light on more similar contributions from the community in the future. If you’d like to discuss this solution or other potential solutions for your game with SOUTHWORKS, you can reach them at