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byMarcoWilliams 2016-07-13

Check out Unicorn Battle

Unicorn Battle is a simple, yet fully-featured game, that we built to help us demonstrate the various systems and features of PlayFab. It has turned out to also be a very useful testing and debugging tool, and a great sandbox for playing with new PlayFab features.

Today we are happy to release on GitHub the full source code for Unicorn Battle. Playing around with Unicorn Battle is a great way to experiment with what PlayFab can do.

We have also released a compiled version of the game to Google Play, so if you just want to try the game first, you can install it for Android from Google Play.

Features of Unicorn Battle include:

  • Unified Player Profile - Accounts uses Device ID &/or Facebook Authentication.
  • Cloud Saving - Store data on up to 10 characters per account.
  • Inventory Management - Transfer items and currency between the player and its characters, and open chests with keys.
  • Dynamic Gameplay - Configure game behavior using TitleData.
  • Virtual Items, Currencies, and Stores - Configured via PlayFab's Game Manager. Includes coupon redemption.
  • Friend Lists - Import Facebook friends or add your own.
  • Statistics Tracking - Used to drive Achievements and real-time leaderboards.
  • Push Notification - for re-engagement campaigns and special offers.
  • Real-money, In-app Purchases - with Android or iOS receipt validation.
  • CDN-delivered AssetBundles - Dynamically stream content to clients for new sales, events, and interstitial ads.
  • Cloud-hosted Logic - Cloud Script methods that call a variety of protected APIs.
  • Time-limited Sales - Configured via Title Data.
  • Community Forums - with API access to your game; built by our partners over at Innervate.

To get the full Unicorn Battle experience, it's best to set up your copy of the game in the Game Manager. This way you can change the configuration settings and experiment with features like PlayStream action triggers without affecting other developers. We have therefore also built a tool to clone the backend settings for Unicorn Battle to a PlayFab title of your choosing. This also demonstrates how you can use our Admin API to build custom configuration tools.

Key assets within this release:

  • Unicorn Battle Source Project - Built in Unity3D 5.3.4
  • Unicorn Battle Uploader - A configuration tool for cloning the UB back-end.
  • Documentation Wiki - Full documentation is provided via the GitHub wiki (accessible from within the repository).

Download from GitHub, or install from Android today!