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byPaul Gilmore 2017-08-04

SDK Update Blog

UPDATE 08-26-17: The plan to migrate UnrealCppSdk users to the UnrealBlueprintSDK has failed.  We apologize for the issues this have caused, and we are looking into a new plan.  Please disregard the original suggestion to migrate SDKs.

[END UPDATE 08-26-17]

We strive to keep our SDK versions up to date with the corresponding Engine versions.  For the past month, we have been working on fulfilling this promise for some of the SDKs which had fallen behind, two in particular: Unreal and Lumberyard.

With the help of ThirdKindGames, we have brought our LumberyardSDK up to version 1.9.  We realize that we are saying this, just as Lumberyard launches 1.10, but we hope to have that tested and supported soon.

Unreal has also released version 4.16 which has had some minor issues for our BlueprintSDK, and some major issues with our CppSDK.

The Good News: Our Unreal Blueprint SDK has been brought up to date, and is now fully working in 4.16, as of version 0.0.170807 (Which will be published the Monday following this blog).

The Bad News: Unreal Cpp SDK will require much more work to bring up to date.

At this time, we are going to discontinue the Unreal Cpp SDK, and re-brand the "Blueprint SDK" as just PlayFab's "Unreal SDK". We will also make a conversion guide to help existing users of the Cpp SDK switch over to the Blueprint SDK. This blog will be updated with additional links when they are available.

UPDATE: See our upgrade guide.

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