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byMcKenzie Elliott 2021-01-31

Custom Data Retention with PlayFab Insights

Did you know…

You can quickly and easily customize your data retention with PlayFab Insights!

Customizing data retention means you can store and maintain your data in PlayFab's secure database for longer than the default value of 30 days, meaning fewer exports and allowing for specialized studio compliance requirements. Your title’s Insights retention value determines the amount of past data available to you to query and visualize through PlayFab Game Manager and APIs. Changing the retention of your data is just the click of a button on PlayFab's Insights Management page in Game Manager.

How to customize retention:

  1. Log in to and choose the title that you'd like to change retention settings for.
  2. Select "Data" from the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Select the "Management (Preview) tab to access the Insights Management page. Insights Management is where you'll find the option to change data retention by simply changing the value under the "Retention" section.
  4. After changing the "Retention" value, click "Save storage settings" to complete the retention customization and the change will go into effect immediately.
Insights Management

Please be aware that retention customization (and thus the "Save storage settings" option) is currently available only to live titles (titles launched out of development mode). Retention customization will be made available to Development mode titles in Spring of 2021.

Commonly asked retention questions:

Who can change retention?
  • Users with InsightsManagement and InsightsManagementEdit can change data retention. 
Is retention customized by studio or by title?
  • Data retention is customized on a per-title basis.
How often can I change retention?
  • Customization changes are unlimited.
What are the risks of decreasing data retention?
  • A decrease in data retention will result in data older than the customized value being permanently deleted.
What are the risks of increasing data retention?
  • An increase in data retention may result in increased Insights Credit usage and may put your data’s GDPR compliance at risk. If an increase in Insights Credit usage occurs, the increase can be reviewed on your title’s Billing Summary page in Game Manager. For GDPR, the default retention setting is 30 days which commonly fulfills GDPR compliance regulations. Any changes made to this value imply that a title has assumed responsibility for its own GDPR compliance.
What is the difference between data retention, event archiving, and event exporting?
  • Event Archive and Event Export are focused on moving new, incoming title data to a new location, where as Data retention is the configuration setting that determines how long all of your title data will be available to query, export, or visualize through Game Manager and through PlayFab APIs. Please note that event Archive is only for PlayStream events.

Ready to store your data for longer? Now you know how. Happy retention setting! 😊