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byNathan Kong 2020-12-17

Data Explorer now in Public Preview

Data Explorer is now available in Public Preview, accessed by going to your Game Manager portal. Data Explorer is the primary window into event data collected by your title and services, such as the number of users purchasing an IAP by item ID or the number of user logins by region. This feature provides fast indexing and querying on large, diverse data sets. For optimized queries, the engine can query millions of records in a few seconds - a critical capability for games producing high throughput or large volumes of gaming events.

Data Explorer is a new feature of our PlayFab Insights service that enables greater exploration of your games’ data. PlayFab Insights is a completely managed data environment, giving you instant access to your games data without the need for additional engineering. Unlike other hosted data solutions, Insights requires no setup, no GDPR work, and no extra engineering. Simply use PlayFab services and your data is available. Automatically ingest and scale, connect external visualization tools, and query freely. 

Our new Data Explorer feature offers two modes of data exploration:

Basic mode - quickly discover insights in your event data without query language knowledge.

Advanced mode - for more complex queries and deeper insights using the Kusto query language – a SQL-like language optimized for ad hoc data exploration.


Data Explorer basic mode

Data Explorer advanced mode

In late-January, PlayFab Event History will be deprecated and replaced by Data Explorer. Data Explorer contains all the event analyzing capabilities of Event History, but with more powerful query building functionality. Get started using Data Explorer today!