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byBrendanVanous 2015-07-23

Dave & Buster's Goes Mobile with PlayFab's Help

It's not every day that publishers launch three games at once on PlayFab's platform, but even if it was, Dave & Busters launch last week would stand out. For the first time, fans of the popular restaurant and arcade chain can win real prizes simply by playing games on their phones. At the center of these transactions is PlayFab's own Cloud Script.

Before I get into more technical details, let me first encourage you to check out the three games, each based on a popular Dave & Busters arcade game and available for iOS or Android at the Dave & Busters site:

  • Big Bass Wheel (developed by Robosoft) Step up, spin the big wheel and reel in the fun! When the wheel stops, you are rewarded with a variety of points. Watch the trailer.
  • Tippin' Bloks (developed by Robosoft) Get ready for the ultimate challenge to stack endless waves of Bloks falling from the sky. Watch the trailer.
  • Speed of Light (developed by Sarbakan) Quickly tap and swipe the lighted "dots" on the board to score as many points as possible before the time is up. Watch the trailer.

Security is an issue for all online games, of course, but its of particular concern to these games because of their unique real-world connection. The same Power Card you use to keep track of your tickets at a Dave & Busters location can also be synced up with your mobile device, so that as you play on your phone, you're earning tickets that can be turned in for real prizes everything from mozzarella sticks to an Xbox One.

That's awesome if you're a player, but as you can imagine, its a more tempting target for would-be cheaters than just the pure joy of riding the top of a leaderboard. To reduce that temptation, we helped Dave & Busters design a series of safeguards using Cloud Script.

How it Works

Here's a list of the precise Cloud Script calls Dave & Busters makes to ensure points have really been earned:  Hahaha, just kidding. Lets just say that we've all been around a long time and know what to look for. And most importantly, when Dave & Busters sees suspicious new activity, they can quickly clamp down on it, and if needed, add new safeguards quickly.

The key issue here, however, is that by using Cloud Script and our Catalog together, Dave & Busters can quickly validate whether new points actually reflect game play before awarding the points to the users account. The second part of the process, when players turn game points into Power Card tickets, is also secure. Here, the games use a regenerating currency as a throttle to control the conversion rate, so that players can only purchase as many tickets as they have of that currency. All of these values are easily modified, too, so that they can be changed over time by the administrator at Dave & Busters, if needed.

All of this is opaque to the players, of course. They just enter their Power Card number and PIN in the mobile game, and then after that, all of their points are loaded to their card. The transition from playing Big Bass Wheel on the bus to using their points to get a sweet new set of headphones is as simple as walking into a Dave & Busters location.