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byDeanna 2020-06-04

Development Mode player limit increased to 100K players

Last month we launched new PlayFab pricing model, and since then we have been listening to your feedback.  We are excited to announce two immediate updates that we are making to address some of the concerns we've heard.  

First, we have increased the player limit in Development Mode from 10,000 players to 100,000 players.  This change wilgive all game titles room to further expand and test while remaining cost-free in Development Mode. 

Secondly, we have made the Billing Summary page available to all customers so you can gauge the impact of the new consumption-based pricing model on your game before transitioning from the MAU pricing model. Previously that Billing Summary page was only available to game titles after they had already transitioned to the new pricing. Customers on MAU-based pricing can now preview the impact of moving to consumption-based pricingand customers already on consumption-based pricing can review title usage before the title is launched. 

You can access the Billing Summary page from the “My Studios and Titles” homepage by clicking on the studio settings button. 

Where to find Billing Summary

Finally, we have heard many questions asking how to best optimize titles to save money while still implementing the features needed to run and manage a successful game.  We have created a Best Practices Guide that provides tips for using and optimizing each meter and will help guide you through managing your costs. 

Thank you for your feedback that continues to contribute to the improvement of our service!