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byPaul Gilmore 2017-07-11

Docsite Improvements

We've published some improvements to our Documentation Site.

First, Blog Tags:

We formerly had about twice as many blog tags, and several were broken (didn't filter correctly at all), and many only had 1 blog per tag.  We've reorganized the tags, removed duplicates, and fixed broken tags, so all the tags should work as expected now.

Code Blocks in Guides:

We have finished the behind-the-scenes work for multi-code blocks, where each code example can now be written and displayed in multiple code-languages targeting multiple SDKs.  We will shortly begin adding examples in multiple code-languages to relevant guides.

Here's an example:

These tabs will also remember your most recently clicked language, and auto-select that tab on all pages when possible.

Flags on DataType Properties:

We've added a column that specifies when specific properties on API DataTypes have flags.  Here are some examples:
client.GetLeaderboard (Govern flag)
client.LoginWithGoogleAccount (Obsolete flag)
You can see the definitions of all flags, and the details of what they mean here:

Visual Example:

DataType Properties, DataType Column:

Formerly, lists were described as "[]" and unhelpfully failed to describe the list contents.  Key/Pair mappings were simply described as "object" and again, failed to describe any type information.  This is much improved:

Here's an example that shows every combination in action:

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