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by JamesGwertzman 2015-03-04

Effective Live Game Ops: Starting a Conversation

Effective live game operations is a subject we care strongly about at PlayFab, and one we don't think gets enough attention. There's a huge gap between the tools and best practices used by the top live game companies (Kabam, Blizzard, etc.) and those available generally in the industry. For whatever reason, tips on how to run your game smartly just aren't as widely shared as more gameplay-specific ones such as how to improve your graphics performance or character AI. We think that hurts smaller companies, and we'd like to do something about it.

Monday, I gave a presentation at GDC on two components of live ops: events and promotions. To prepare this talk I spoke with a number of friends in the industry and particularly leaned on the good advice of our friends at Cover Fire, who are veritable live ops gurus. I've posted my slides from the presentation over at, and video of the talk will also be available after the conference at the GDC Vault.

Many of the things I discussed can be accomplished using PlayFab's current tool set, but not all. The research that went into this presentation has already been input into our roadmap going forward. As I said when we announced our Series A funding last week, we want to move from just helping developers save money with a great platform, to helping them make more money with effective ops.

In the Q&A after my presentation, several people expressed the wish for the live ops community to have a place to share this kind of knowledge with each other.  So, we've created a spot for that in our Forums. You don't have to be a PlayFab customer to read or post in our forums, and we want this conversation to be about all kinds of live ops issues, from tools you've hacked together to event types you've known and loved. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say!