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by Marco 2018-08-14

Entity API Group Restructure

In March of this year, we introduced the new Entity API, built as a long-term maintainable pattern for dealing with player and other types of data in PlayFab. Today, we’re excited to announce some changes that make using this API even better. 

The biggest change we are making is breaking up the Entity API into multiple API categories and to make those categories navigable on our documentation site.  Below, you will find an outline of how the Entity API has been regrouped—it lays the foundation for our future functionality investments in Entities. You’ll also notice in the diagram below that we have relabeled the standard APIs as “Classic.” 

We feel that regrouping these APIs are an important change because it allows the documentation site to facilitate finding the information you are looking for. However, this change does affect the SDKs. Just as we want to prepare our documentation site for new feature development, we also want to prepare our SDKs for this influx of functionality. What this means for you: if you are using the Entity API that was released in March, you may encounter breaking changes when upgrading to our new SDK. To help navigate these changes, we’ve written an upgrade guide. Once you’ve followed the steps outlined in the guide, the code-hinting capabilities of your favorite IDE should pick up the new namespaces which should further facilitate API discoverability. 

 As always, we love to hear your feedback! So please, if you have questions or concerns about this change, hit us up on our forums.