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by JamesGwertzman 2015-01-22

Introducing Game Manager 2.0

With live games, it's not enough to build a great game -- you also need the tools and knowledge to run it effectively. That's why I'm so excited to show off our new live game operations platform, Game Manager 2.0, and to tell you about a new exclusive partnership we've signed with free-to-play gurus Cover Fire, LLC.

Mission control

The new Game Manager is mission control for your entire live operations team: developers, designers, product managers, customer service reps, and more. With one tool you can configure, launch, manage, and optimize all your game titles in one spot. Among the new features are:

  • Direct editing of title data and user stats
  • Create and update in-game currencies and catalog items
  • Upload and manage game server builds
  • Send push notifications and marketing promotions
  • Review and modify player profiles as part of customer support
  • Monitor dashboards for quick view of game performance, revenue
Make the most of your game

We've also launched two new advanced features to give you the ability to experiment and fine-tune your game. Best of all, they're both integrated right into Game Manager:

CloudScript gives you the security and flexibility of using server-based code without the cost and hassle of running your own game servers. That means you can make changes to your game more easily and without going through re-certification. And with server authentication, you won't be as vulnerable to client-side cheating.

Advanced analytics gives you the full power of an advanced analytics package completely integrated into the operations pipeline. Segment players, target push notifications, and analyze game performance with cohorts, funnels, and behaviors.

Have I used the word "integrated" enough? I'm kind of obsessed with ending the SDK fatigue that plagues so many game developers. With PlayFab, you get all these features in one package, without having to keep tacking on SDK after SDK.

Learning from the best

And speaking of integration, I could not be more thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with the leading free-to-play consultancy, Cover Fire. These guys know everything there is to know about game optimization and monetization -- two areas that are just crucial to successful live games. They're going to help us bake best practices for operations right into our tools, and founder Chris Ko is joining our advisory board.

They'll also be sharing their knowledge with the wider PlayFab community. We're about to ramp up our content game, with more frequent blog posts and articles, and the Cover Fire team will be contributing regularly. Not sure about the best way to optimize and market your game? PlayFab and Cover Fire have got you covered.

And on a personal note ...

Between our new release and the Cover Fire partnership (not to mention the Seahawks winning the NFC championship a couple of blocks from here -- #gohawks), it was already an exciting week here at PlayFab. But as it turns out, Game Manager 2.0 wasn't our team's only launch this week. Congratulations to chief architect Matt Augustine and his wife Linnea Augustine on launching their daughter, Lily, into the world on Wednesday.