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by Paul Gilmore 2016-09-06

Introducing LuaSDK and Defold

Today, PlayFab is introducing the new LuaSDK to our library of SDKs, enabling more developers to use PlayFab in their games.

tl;dr, jump directly to GitHub and get it now:

Lua is a common game scripting language, embedded into many game engines. The Dev Tools Team at PlayFab recently took on the task of adding a Lua SDK to our growing list of supported development languages, and we are happy to announce it is now available.

Tech Details:

Unlike many of our other PlayFab SDKs, Lua does not have a built-in mechanism for making HTTPS calls. As such, we have built the LuaSDK to be easily customized by developers to implement whatever HTTPS library is best suited for your game engine. We have included a few platform specific implementations to start as listed below, and will expand whatever other platforms are most requested over the coming weeks. As always, our SDK is open source, so you can easily see how to do this yourself in your own favorite game engine.

Specific Lua Platforms Supported today:

  1. LuaDist console

The LuaDist console seemed like the best starting place for developers who just want to evaluate our SDK with a quick one-off script. It works like the java and/or python consoles. The main downside to this platform is that it does not support asynchronous HTTPS calls, so your program will block during HTTPS calls. Therefore it is suggested that you only use LuaDist for debugging and evaluation.

  1. Defold

Defold, the new 2D game engine provided by King, provided direct assistance to ensure that our LuaSDK would integrate very easily into their engine. We have implemented a Defold HTTPS interface for our SDK, and Defold Library Projects. You can jump straight to the Defold-specific instructions here:

  1. Corona (coming soon)

Corona support will be added to the LuaSDK by the PlayFab Dev Tools Team in the next release. Our goal is to achieve a similar level of integration as the Defold SDK.

  1. The Rest

There are a LOT of game engines out there using Lua. If your favorite engine is not described here, please let us know so that we can make sure we’re prioritizing correctly, based on everyone’s feedback. Otherwise, the best path to achieve the rest is through your input. If you have created a PlayFab HTTPS interface for your favorite engine, we'll evaluate it, and add it to a 3rdParty folder of the SDK for everyone to share. For more information please see our Wiki article:

Going forward

LuaSDK will be labeled "Beta" for the next two weeks, but we are very pleased with the release and there is very little chance that there will be any structural or breaking changes.

We hope you enjoy working with the newest member of the PlayFab SDK family, and happy coding.