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by JamesGwertzman 2016-06-28

Introducing Our New Usage Limits System

(Edited on July 13 to reflect the new self-serve upgrade system.)

Our usage limits have been a frequent topic of conversation since their introduction six months ago. Developers want to know exactly what the limits are, how they are enforced, how their current and planned usage stacks up against them, and how they can be increased.

Today we are announcing a big upgrade to our limits system, to make it more transparent and easier to work with, as well as to improve performance and stability across the platform.

First, we have added a new “Limits” tab on the “Add-ons” page to help you monitor your current and historical resource usage, and see how you compare against the current limits. This should be especially helpful during development and testing.

Second, we have made major improvements behind the scenes for how limits are tracked and enforced. The new system gives us much more flexibility, and makes it possible to change limits on a title-by-title basis, one of the most requested features.

The new system also includes a new alerts system, so you will be alerted directly via email if your app is close to reaching any of the limits, along with a number of other alert conditions. To configure who receives the alerts, click on the “Email Preferences” tab of the settings page, and edit the email addresses accordingly.

Third, we added a self-serve system for upgrading limits. Not all limits can be upgraded -- some limits are fixed, or can only be upgraded for enterprise accounts -- but most can. To upgrade, simply select the desired tier, and click "Switch to this Level."

Limit upgrades will be charged at the end of each month to the credit card on file. The total charge will depend on the number of active users of the title in the month, as specified in the upgrade. Charges will be prorated if the upgrade is activated or deactivated mid-month.

For example, if your title has 150,000 monthly active users, then you will be charged $39.98 per month to upgrade to 100 statistics (which is $19.99 per 100K MAU), but only $26.39 if activated one third of the way through the month.

Fourth, after a lot of analysis, we are changing some of the limits themselves. We now have much more data about usage patterns, performance implications, and what’s sustainable for the long-term. Based on this data, we are adjusting some of the default limits to more closely match the typical usage of real games, while keeping the costs of operating the platform sustainable.

In making these changes, our primary objective is protecting your game from having its performance impacted by other titles that are hogging resources, whether by design or by accident. This is a shared platform, and we’re all in it together.

You can see the new limits on the new Limits tab. Most games on our platform are already within the new default limits.

Existing games which were over the new defaults have been grandfathered in. If your game was over a limit, then we have created a custom limit exception to ensure your game will not be affected. These limit exceptions are labeled in the “Limits” tab as “Custom Level”. We have worked hard to ensure there’s no immediate impact to any game, whether live or still in development, but if you’ve been affected then don’t hesitate to contact us.

One thing that is not changing is our policy of unlimited daily or monthly active players for free within the current limits. There is no limit for the number of active players.

We take our mission of helping game developers “Launch smoothly, grow fearlessly” very seriously, and feel keenly the responsibility placed on us by the thousands of developers like you who trust us to power their games. We are proud of having a free tier that doesn’t cap the number of players, and the confidence that comes from knowing a sudden surge of players won’t bankrupt your company. The changes we’re introducing today help ensure that we can continue to do that.

As always, if you have any questions about any of the limits or prices, then please don't hesitate to contact us directly.