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byShikhaTarware 2021-01-11

Introducing Segmentation APIs: Build Games That Target with PlayFab Segment

Segments let you create targeted groups of players based on conditions defined on the player properties. When PlayStream events are processed, your segment configuration runs in real-time to drive the players in-and-out of the segments and trigger associated actions as defined. PlayFab now supports the creation and management of these Segments using APIs. It is available publicly in the PlayFab SDK.

The APIs let you create targeted player groups based on their player properties and take action on them. This release brings a new set of integration capabilities that will give you more control and visibility into player segments. You can now embed segments in your games’ mechanisms with just a few lines of code and update your game's live operations in real-time. 

You can create and manage Segments with APIs and by using the Game Manager. There are four new APIs:

  • Create Segment API: Creates a Segment based on the defined conditions of player properties.
  • Get Segments API: Retrieves definition information on a specified segment or all segments within a title.
  • Update Segment API: Updates the existing segment and its associated actions.
  • Delete Segment API: Deletes an existing segment and its associated actions.

Unlock the opportunities with player properties and other data to deliver innovative solutions and gameplay using Segments.

Visit the documentation site to learn more and get started by importing SDKs in your game development project! If you have questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment on our Forum