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by JamesGwertzman 2015-12-17

Introducing the New Add-On Marketplace

Last week I was very proud to announce the biggest new feature for PlayFab since we began the company -- the Add-on Marketplace. As we said in the press release, we think this has the potential to be the biggest productivity boost for game developers since Unity launched its asset store in 2010.

We realize that no matter how big PlayFab gets, we will never be able to meet 100% of your backend service needs. There will always be other companies providing valuable service that your game needs -- from in-game advertising, to analytics, to payment systems, and even to monetization consulting or customer service.

Until now, if you wanted to use one of these services, you needed to integrate it into your game yourself -- typically by dropping in yet another SDK. These SDK’s quickly add up, to the point where “SDK fatigue” seems to be a real thing.

Yet here’s the thing -- many of these services don’t actually require a separate SDK. Many of them can be integrated server-to-server, wired up directly to your game backend. So that’s exactly what we’ve done with this new add-on marketplace --- make it easy for you to discover, signup, and start using these new services immediately, in many cases with just the push of a button. We’ve already done all the integration work necessary for it to start working with your game.

Another benefit of our Marketplace is centralized billing. Each month you’ll get a single bill from us for all of the premium services you’ve signed up for and used during that month. In return for handling all the billing and integration work the vendors who provide the add-ons pay us a revenue share --- and in turn this revenue share has allowed us to also drop the price of PlayFab core services to free (more on this in another blog post).

We’re really excited by this Marketplace because we think it’s a true win-win-win for everyone:

  • You win by getting a curated list of the best services, available in most cases at the click-of-a-button -- no engineer needed.
  • The add-on providers win because it’s much easier and faster for them to sign up new customers.
  • We win by getting cool new features that makes PlayFab more valuable to you, as well as a new revenue stream that allows us to drop our price to free, making our platform even more attractive.

We launched last week with a few key partners, and will be adding many more in coming weeks and months. You can visit the marketplace to see the full list of partners. And if there’s a service you want that’s not listed, please suggest it in our marketplace forum.

As you try out services from the marketplace, please provide comments and feedback in that forum. This is uncharted territory, and we need your suggestions to make it awesome.