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byMark Val 2015-07-09

Introducing Union, Our New Sample MOBA Game

We're pleased to announce the release of Union, the first of two sample games we're releasing this summer to make it even easier for developers to get going with PlayFab. Union is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for Android devices, built with Unity and designed to demonstrate PlayFab features in action, including Photon integration.

Among the features this game shows off:

  • In-app purchases using PlayFab's catalog features and Google Play receipt validation
  • Leaderboard stats based on numbers of kills
  • Facebook authentication and profile integration
  • Kills and win/loss ratios tracked in player statistics
  • Photon integration, including room creation, chat, and all realtime events and remote procedure calls
  • Matchmaking players using Cloud Script to balance the teams with the total numbers of kills made by the player in the past

Union is yours to play with. All the assets, prefabs, models, sounds and code are open source. The possibilities are endless. You can even use it in commercial projects. Union compiles to Android and can be extended to any flavor.

Want to get started right away? Just download the repository from our Github. In addition to the ReadMe, you will also want to check out the Documentation section. If you have an Android device you can also get the APK and start playing the game as well.

Using the Sample Game

To make it easier for you to navigate the Unity project and find the associated assets, each screen has its own scene

Also on Github are Cloud Script (for matchmaking) and Catalog examples that you can use for your own title. Other required PlayFab elements can be found at the Github in the documentation folder and installation instructions are in the ReadMe.

Again, you can download the entire Union repository at Github.  Union was produced for PlayFab by Flux Game Studio. Thanks to them for all their efforts!

Did you catch that I said this was just the first of two samples? We're also building a single-player arcade adventure sample game that shows off even more of PlayFab's awesome feature set. Stay tuned for more details on that later this summer.