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byThom Robbins 2015-09-24

Join PlayFab's Live Game Ops Academy

The PlayFab Live Game Ops Academy is the place to learn the key concepts for success with your live game operations. We know that operating a live game is hard, and there’s a huge gap in performance between the top-grossing game developers and everyone else. The Live Game Ops Academy is designed to help teach the skills that you need to close this gap.

Attend all three introductory sessions and receive the PlayFab Live Game Ops 101 Certificate by email.

Session 1: User acquisition, Thursday, Oct. 1, 10-11 am PDT (5-6 pm, UTC)

An effective user acquisition strategy is the holy grail of live game operations. Whether it’s a mix of channels to generate a constant flow of new users at a sustainable cost or a clever tactic that gives your new game a boost in a short period of time, acquiring players is necessary to make games successful. Join this webinar to learn the basic concepts of user acquisition.

Session 2: User engagement, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 10-11 am PDT (5-6 pm, UTC)

Keeping your players motivated is one of the most important long term indicators of success. A game must capture and deepen a player’s interests and expectations over and over again. Good engagement also means understanding what leads to abandonment, poor player adoption and customer attrition over time. Join this webinar to learn the basic concepts of user engagement.

Session 3: Monetization, Tuesday, Oct. 20, 10-11 am PDT (5-6 pm, UTC)

Remember when you just had to sell your game once? Now you have to consider which parts of your game are going to make money, whether you're nudging players in the right direction, and whether you're balancing the money grabbing with enough fun to keep the players engaged. Join this webinar to learn the basic concepts of monetization for live games.

NOTE:  Links to these webinars are no longer available to view.