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by Lori Smith 2015-11-09

Learn the ABCs of Game Operations

Do you know your ARPDAU from your ARPU? Your CPA from your CPI? Your GAID from your IDFA? We know acronyms and jargon can be confusing, so we've created a game operations glossary with commonly used terms and phrases.

The glossary covers monetization metrics and ad models plus general marketing and game operations techniques. Not sure what burst or deeplinking have to do with selling your game? We're here to help.

The glossary is just one of several game operations tools available on the Live Game Operations resource page. This is a community resource for finding and interacting with content to learn the best practices for live game operations. Here you'll find all our webinars, blog posts and white papers about game operations in one place for easy reference, along with links to other sites with helpful materials as well.

Do you have a favorite live game operations resource we should link to? Or a topic you’d like to see covered? Let us know!