Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

byJames Gwertzman 2020-04-02

Level Up with Azure PlayFab

Level up with Azure PlayFab and use the online services powering some of today’s biggest games. 

Our goal at PlayFab is to be the platform of choice for creating and growing great games. We are in this business because we love games, and we love helping studios be more successful. We deliver a unified backend platform with everything needed to operate your game as a service. This means you can focus on creating great gaming experiences, instead of worrying about scaling servers, or whether your LiveOps team members have the tools they need.

Today we are happy to announce the general availability of PlayFab Multiplayer Servers, PlayFab Party, as well as PlayFab Insights in Public Preview.  Of course, PlayFab’s LiveOps services also continue to evolve and you can read more about these recent improvements (including much-requested support for C# via CloudScript with Azure Functions and a new trustworthy Experiments framework) here.

In support of these updates we’re also moving to a more flexible pricing model starting today. We heard your feedback and going forward you will only pay for what you use.

For titles in development or at the start of their LiveOps journey, PlayFab remains free (for up to 10,000 unique players with some other limits). Upgrade to the Standard Plan for ticketed support (plus included meters valued at $400) for a $99 monthly subscription. Large enterprises can contact us to discuss custom Enterprise pricing. Existing customers will have until September 30th, 2020 to plan for the change.

You can read more about these services below. Thank-you for your support. We’re excited to partner with you in creating the next generation of games!


Product Updates

We thank you for your feedback and have been working hard to deliver a unified backend platform with everything needed to operate your game as a service. Below is a summary of the latest PlayFab product updates and how they can help level up your development experience.

PlayFab Multiplayer Servers is now generally available and allows you to operate a dynamically scaling pool of custom game servers in Azure. 

PlayFab Party is also now generally available. Party delivers real-time device-to-device networking, text chat, and voice chat along with Azure Speech Services (text-to-speech and speech-to-text) integration for accessibility and translation scenarios. 

We announced recently that PlayFab and Xbox have joined forces to empower game developers to use PlayFab Matchmaking and PlayFab Party at no cost when used by an Xbox network authenticated player. This offer extends to all platforms where the Xbox network is supported today, including the Xbox, PC, iOS, or Android. Outside of this these services are billed using meters.

PlayFab Experiments is our new and more advanced framework for statistically robust A/B tests and other experiments. You can read more on this announcement here.

PlayFab Insights aims to provide petabyte-scale publisher-level analytics out-of-the-box. The initial release gives you significantly more control over your data, analytics system and environment. You can watch a video overview here.

You can read about CloudScript using Azure Functions (including support for C#) here.


PlayFab is moving from a MAU-based pricing model to a usage-based pricing model.  The MAU based pricing model was a one-size fits all approach, and cost prohibitive for some games. The usage-based pricing model lets you pay only for the features you use. 

Our new pricing will take effect on April 2nd, 2020. All new PlayFab customers will automatically be onboarded to the new pricing plans. Existing customers will have until September 30th, 2020 to plan for the change. At that time, all customers will be transitioned to the new plan. (You can also choose to transition to the new pricing as soon as it becomes available.)

PlayFab is free to start and offers flexible growth plans for studios of all sizes. 

Development Mode

This is a great option for hobbyists and indie developers to start out, and a convenient way for developers at larger enterprises to evaluate PlayFab. Register up to 10 titles for free (with up to 10,000 player accounts per title).

Standard Plan  

Once you hit the free limits you are ready to either sign-up to the Standard Plan or contact us for custom Enterprise-level pricing.

The Standard Plan, at $99 per month, is ideal for indies and developers who are looking to start small and scale big. Have up to 10 titles in development mode, and unlimited live titles and player accounts. Get access to monthly meters valued at $400, then pay as you go on live titles. Access to ticketed support during business hours is included.

Custom Pricing

Enterprise pricing is available for studios who require premium service with custom pricing and dedicated support.

Visit and our pricing documentation for more information.