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by Saiara Adrita 2019-03-06

Localized Player Communications

PlayFab helps game developers bring rich personalized content to their players around the world. One of the most important ways to personalize content is to bring it in the player’s native language. We believe that language should not be a barrier when communicating with your players. We started by localizing Game Manager the tool you, our developers, use. Now we are excited to launch three new features that help you bring localized contents to your players. 

We’ve simplified the logic around localized player communications. Now you can create a single email, push notification, or title news template to store all the translations for that communication. When it comes time to send the communication—whether through an API call, a triggered action, or rule or otherwise—simply refer to the template id and we will handle the logic of making sure your players get the right translation. 

Check out the specific tutorials for more details: 

To read more about how we make sure your player’s get the right localized versions, check out our guide on default languages.