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by MarcoWilliams 2016-05-20

Looking for How-To Guides for Features? Check Out Our Recipes!

With so many types of data systems and ways to use them - not to mention virtual currencies and inventory, statistics, and other services, finding the best way to architect your gameplay concepts can be a challenge. While the team at PlayFab is always monitoring the forums for any questions on how to use our features to achieve your goals, and we're constantly adding to the documentation, we also maintain a "recipe" sample repository in GitHub which provides code showing how to create some of the more common gameplay features developers have asked us about.

Some examples of existing recipes include:

  • Daily Prize Wheel - Players get one "spin" per day on a randomized prize wheel, with the ability for you to control how many spins they can bank, so that they're incentivized to come back frequently.
  • Progressive Rewards - Common in free-to-play games, players are given a daily prize for returning to the game, with the prize changing based upon how many consecutive days they come back to play.
  • Referral Codes - Reward players for getting their friends to play with referral codes. Players can "credit" the person who introduced them to the game with a referral code which, when used by that player, provides distinct in-game rewards to both players.
  • Cross-Play Rewards - Particularly useful for games in a franchise (sequels, promotional mini-games, companion apps, etc.), you can give players in-game digital goods based upon playing other games and apps, using Publisher Data to share information across all of them.
  • Regenerating Energy - Regenerating currencies are one of the most fundamental pieces of the PlayFab economy system, and can be used to enable gameplay features on a limited-uses-per-day basis.

You can access the root of the repository here, and in addition to continuing to add to it ourselves, we're always happy to take submissions from developers for features they've created. So please, don't hesitate to send your examples our way. We'd be happy to add them, and we'll make sure to highlight your contributions!