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byShikha Tarware 2021-11-18

Manage Events with Sampling on Azure PlayFab

PlayStream is a unified real-time stream of events from your game. It allows you to capture events, process rules to trigger actions on events, and store the events in real-time on the PlayFab data platform. By default, all PlayStream and Telemetry events are stored. However, in some situations, you might want to retrieve only a sample set of events. Therefore, to achieve that goal, we are now providing public access to the Manage Events feature for Sampling Events.

Manage Events with Sampling

Sampling enables you to configure the percentage of events data that you want to receive in the title tenant database, thus reducing your storage cost.

There are several other reasons why you might want to Manage Events through Sampling:

  • - Increased performance of event searches by reducing the volume of the total event
  • - Determine the characteristics of a large data set without ingesting every event
  • - Validate the data selection, formatting, statistical calculations, and other analysis without any loss of data fidelity when examined at a correlated scale and sampling rate

How it Works

To take advantage of sampling with Manage Events, configure a sampling percentage on each individual event level. When you specify a sampling percentage on a certain event, sampling comes into effect by overriding the default or existing value and remains in effect until you change it. The percentage specified in the sample ratio field is the percentage of events that will be filtered out.    

The sampling rate can be as high as 100% and as low as 0%. By default, event sampling is not active, meaning the sampling rate is set to 100%, and every event of the title that goes into the data streaming pipeline is retained and ingested into the title tenant database storage.

                                                                           Figure: Manage Events using Sampling Ratio on Azure PlayFab

Get Started!

We are excited to make this new feature available, as it will enable new use cases based on data sampling analysis to gain insights for business decisions and game development applications. It powers you to take control of your PlayStream and Telemetry events data ingestion costs.

Are you interested in trying out our new Manage Events with Sampling feature? Visit the documentation site to learn more and get started!

You can help with the feature's advancement by giving us your feedback. Your opinion is essential to improve its already existing possibilities. Please leave a comment on our customer Forum.