Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

by JordanRoher 2017-11-30

Game Manager Improvements

Improved catalog item picker

The PlayFab Game Manager has been updated with a new catalog item picker. You've seen this popup if you've ever added items to a bundle, made a drop table or store, or granted inventory items to a player.

It's now easier to use, with more information on the items in your catalog. Bundles, containers, and drop tables will show their contents. Currencies will display their name and recharge numbers. You will also see the names of items you've already added more consistently.

This update also includes an improved store listing that displays the store's contents and prices up front.

Title deletion

Last week we introduced the ability to delete titles via the My Studios and Titles dashboard. Be aware that this process is permanent and irreversible. It may take several hours to process if your title has a large number of players.

Player deletion

You may now delete individual player accounts. Use the Delete Player button at the top right of the Player Overview page. There is a confirmation popup to make sure you don't delete players by accident.

Improved iOS push notifications to individual players

You may now specify the badge number and send additional data to iOS players using the push notification feature on the Player Overview page. To do so you will need to upgrade to the newest format of push notifications by going to Settings > Push Notifications and clicking the Upgrade button.

Banning players

You can now ban players permanently and get a list of their recent IP addresses in a convenient drop-down.

Bug fixes

The Game Manager has received a host of bug fixes over the last month:

  • Player searching remembers your sorting preference
  • Adding items to a container will show their consumable status properly
  • Fixed an issue where leaderboards with the same name but different capitalization could not be created
  • Fixed an issue with leaderboard reset times not adjusting for user's time zone
  • Added more information on Xbox Live, PlayStation, and Nintendo add-ons
  • Player purchases are now clickable, and the relationship between bundle purchases and bundled items should be visible
  • Fixed an issue with deleting player publisher data
  • Fixed an issue with saving settings for the Google add-on
  • Improved error message when unable to delete items from a catalog
  • Removed the player_realmoney_purchase.PurchasedProduct option from Rules
  • Fixed an issue with adding players to Shared Groups