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by MarcoWilliams 2015-10-20

New Cloud Script Guide and Other Updates

When your engineering team is as lightning fast as ours is, sometimes your features get ahead of your documentation. We’ve been working hard to catch up and I’m proud to show off the first results of that effort with a new Cloud Script guide, a simplified Getting Started guide and an updated guide for Game Manager.

The new Using Cloud Script guide explains how to call Cloud Script functions, how to pass information for C#, how to deserialize JSON strings, and how to use the PlayFab.ServerModels request class. The Game Manager guide has been updated with new dashboard screens, plus more details on the currencies and catalog tabs in the Economy section. The Getting Started guide has been simplified, with the information on player, title and publisher data broken out into its own section. We’ve also done a bunch of work behind the scenes that will enable us to update our documentation much more quickly in the future, plus make it easier to reference sample code.

In addition to updating our documentation, the Developer Tools team I head up is responsible for keeping our SDKs updated. You can see our release notes every week; most recently we’ve added versioning to the Node.js SDK and streamlined the Unity SDK to make it more modular.

Thanks to everyone who’s come to our team’s first two “Virtual Office Hours.” Our next one will be Wed., Oct. 28, at 10 am PDT (5 pm UTC). Paul Gilmore will be discussing catalogs, inventory and trading and sharing samples you can use in your own game.


New Webinar Series

Want to keep up with the latest from PlayFab? We’re starting a new monthly webinar series where PlayFab staff will fill you in on the latest news and releases. Sign up below to join in (and note the time difference for UTC due to the end of daylight savings time in the United States.)

Webinar: Get the Latest from PlayFab

Wed., Nov. 4, 10 am PST (6 pm UTC)