Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

by Marco Williams 2019-03-12

New Documentation Portal

We are pleased to announce that our new documentation portal is now in live public preview.  We have worked hard to implement valuable feedback that was contributed from our community of developers and our internal teams as PlayFab has grown with Microsoft.  We now have a very feature centric set of documentation that guides you along the developer journey.  We introduced personas for Developer, LiveOps and Business Intelligence so there is more clarity on information related to specific roles within the gaming industry.

Our new documentation portal is now using the same technology that drives  Now PlayFab developers can contribute feedback, documentation changes and participate in making our educational materials even better. 

Localization is now possible with this move to and we are working hard to bring you localized documentation for PlayFab in Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and German in the near future.

Here are some great features we get on

  • Feedback  – Provide feedback, feature requests and suggestions about our documentation
  • Version Control - PlayFab's documentation is now under version control on GitHub and made public. 
  • Contribution – Make pull requests against our documentation repository. This means you can make edits to our docs directly if you find an issue or have suggestions. For more information on how to contribute to documentation go here.
  • Localization - The platform comes with localization abilities built in

Note: Our current documentation will remain active for a short period of time, during this transition phase we will be making sure that all the old links from will redirect to the appropriate place.  We are thrilled to embrace Microsoft’s documentation technology and we want to hear your feedback and see your contributions!