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byCarolineCai 2020-06-20

Customize Your PlayStream Events Today!

Introducing Custom Tags as part of our LiveOps offering!

In the past, standard PlayStream events had a fixed schema defined by PlayFab. These PlayStream events get fired automatically by API calls from PlayFab customers. While the original standard event schema was powerful and allowed you to build common metrics and analytics, it had limited extensibility. Have you ever wanted to send a correlation ID between your services and PlayFab?  Or send your own internal receipt ID with your calls into PlayFab to track back to your internal telemetry? Or attach your campaign ID to specific events in order to measure success?

Now Custom Tags allows you to do all of the above and more! We added this feature to increase versatility and your ability to customize your titles. 

What are custom tags?

Custom tags are additional information that get added into the standard PlayStream events. Custom tags allow you to send personalized information in each of your API requests that will be passed in as is into the generated PlayStream events.

What can you do with custom tags?

There are many things you can accomplish using custom tags. Here are some suggestions, but feel free to be more creative about using them.


PlayStream metadata can act as criteria that trigger certain events. When a task needs to be accomplished, a PlayFab customer can set up a rule to say “if [custom tags] satisfies xyz requirement, then fire action A.”

You can integrate CloudScript with Custom Tags to achieve automation under serverless compute. CloudScript Actions and Rules allow you to fire off events automatically based on certain criteria. 

For example, if your game studio is investing in performance marketing for your game, and you are running a variety of different marketing campaigns to acquire new players, you can now track the marketing campaign that acquired a player and add that campaign ID to all PlayStream events. Then you can use that campaign ID to automate processes. For example, if your ad promised “1,000 free gold coins for signing up” then send the “new player” event and use marketing campaign to decide what incentive to give the player. E.g., ‘if marketing campaign = ‘FREE_GOLD_COINS’ then give player 1,000 gold coins.


PlayStream metadata can assist with data collection and analysis. For example, you can send as part of your PlayStream Events data from non-PlayFab services and be able to keep track of it as it flows in the backend data pipeline.

If you already have your own analytics system (e.g. based on some identifier), you can easily integrate and merge new data by passing that identifier in Custom Tags as part of your PlayStream Events.

Take the same campaign example above, a telemetry use of Custom Tags would be to group by Campaign ID and analyze revenue to determine which campaign generated the highest new player acquisition, revenue stream, or customer value.


To learn more about how you can implement Custom Tags for your game, please see our technical documentation here.