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by Arik Cohen 2018-12-13

PlayFab Supports Facebook Instant Games

Today, PlayFab is introducing authentication for Facebook Instant Games to unlock the full power of our backend features for developers creating games for this fast-growing new market. 

Facebook Instant Games are cross-platform HTML5 games that can be played directly on Facebook and Messenger. The reach of this kind of new gaming platform has tremendous potential, as billions of people interact via Facebook, and it’s a natural place for social and short-session games.

PlayFab provides a range of features that can help Facebook Instant Game developers be more successful, including:

  • Real-time game analytics – how is your game performing? Are users sticking around to engage deeply, or are they churning out?
  • Data warehousing – advanced analytics with custom events, to help diagnose problems and ask “what-if” questions.
  • Remote configuration – quickly make changes to your game, to launch special events, or tune game performance.
  • In-game commerce support – easily create and optimize your game’s in-app purchases.
  • Chat-bot automation – combine PlayFab with Azure to build powerful chat-bots that provide ongoing engagement and re-engagement with your players.
  • Matchmaking – to join players together for synchronous multiplayer gameplay.

PlayFab provides SDKs for two of the most popular HTML5 game engines, Phaser and Unity. In addition, PlayFab is fully cross-platform, which is especially useful for developers who want to support Facebook Instant Games as well as other platforms like iOS, Android, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and more.

Many developers are already using PlayFab to help power their Instant Games, Harry High Dive, and AdVenture Capitalist which was named Facebook’s best instant game of 2017. 

Today, we’re making the process of using PlayFab in your Facebook Instant Game even easier: 

  • This getting started guide walks you through the steps of setting up PlayFab with Facebook. Learn how to get real-time analytics from your game with a single line of code.
  • We’ve also created this more advanced video tutorial to show how to use PlayFab and Azure together to power a Chatbot for engaging and re-engaging your players more deeply.

We look forward to seeing your new PlayFab powered Facebook Instant Games, and welcome your feedback! Please reach out on Slack or give us feedback on our forums.