Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

byJamesGwertzman 2015-06-30

The New Faces at PlayFab

It's been a busy three months here at PlayFab. In addition to rolling out the free tier and other new features, we've also been quietly building out our core team. I'm excited to tell you now about the great new people who've come on board, as well as share some promotion news, and announce our newest board member, Emily Greer of Kongregate. 

New Members of the Team

Director of Business Development Nick Beckley came to us from RAD Game Tools, maker of such great game middleware tools as Bink. He's probably the most gregarious person in the office and had had a huge impact in just a short time reaching out to potential customers.

All the improvements in Game Manager that you've been seeing? That's the work of Director of Product Liz Hunt, who has been bringing the user experience expertise she honed at Starbucks and the design firm frog to bear on all our customer-facing products at PlayFab. Even more improvements are on the way.

Our newest employee, Sr. Systems Engineer Oliver Reeves, just started yesterday. He was a cloud systems engineer at the SaaS firm Point Inside, but started his career as a game tester and is excited to be back in this industry.

Director of Marketing Thom Robbins was most recently at Socrata, but also worked for several years each at Kentico Software and Microsoft. He's already scheduled our first-ever webinar, and has big plans for video as well.

Like our new web site? Thank Jordan Roher, senior front-end web developer, who somehow managed to do two months of work in a week. He joined us from 343 Industries, where he  worked on the Halo Waypoint site. 

You already know Director of Game Operations Success Scott Willoughby from his blog posts on the best ways to run and grow your game. Expect to see a lot more of those from Scott, who is bringing his game operations expertise from Wizards of the Coast and PopCap to all facets of the PlayFab operation, including our tools.

New Board Member, New Promotions

Emily GreerI'm also pleased to share the news we released to the press earlier today, which is that Kongregate CEO Emily Greer is joining the PlayFab board of directors. To anyone in the games industry, Emily needs no introduction. She and her brother co-founded Kongregate in 2006 and turned it into one of the most popular indie game portals. Now a subsidiary of GameStop, Kongregate has made a big push into mobile and free-to-play games in the last year under Emily's leadership. As you've heard me say many times, we want to help game developers become successful, and I can't think of a better person to help us do that.

Here's what she had to say about joining our board:

"Ongoing live operations are crucial to success in free-to-play games. Small and mid-sized developers have been at a huge disadvantage because of the cost and complexity of building and running a backend. PlayFab's backend-as-a-service can help them compete in the tough mobile market."

Finally, news about the two longest-standing members of the PlayFab team:

Matt Augustine is my co-founder and the architect behind the PlayFab platform. He's built an amazing technical team in the last year, and is now formally our Chief Technology Officer.

Ruth Tomandl was PlayFab's first employee and has the single-minded ruthlessness common to all great game producers. She's the reason anything here ever gets done, and is now formally our Director of Operations.

We're still hiring!

Does PlayFab sound like the kind of place you'd like to work? We're still looking for key engineering talent in Seattle and a technical account representative in Berlin: