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by CJWilliams 2017-05-05

New Feature: Prize Tables

We're happy today to announce the release of a feature that we showed off at GDC through our Unicorn Toss game: Prize tables. Prize tables help enhance Resettable Leaderboards by allowing a set of actions to be performed at the reset of a leaderboard on a group of players based on their ranking in the leaderboard. When a leaderboard resets, a prize table associated with it can be used to perform actions such as triggering a push notification, sending an e-mail, awarding an item, granting a virtual currency, and even executing CloudScript.

To create a prize table and associate it with an existing leaderboard, go into the Game Manager and click the "Prize Table" tab on the "Leaderboard" menu. Click on "NEW PRIZE TABLE" on the upper right. You can now specify the attributes for a prize table and associate it with a leaderboard.

You can then add ranks to the prize table along with actions to perform for each rank interval by clicking "+ADD RANK". After saving, you can come back to edit anything about the prize table by clicking on the Prize Table's name in the Prize Table view.

Each time the associated leaderboard resets, the specified actions in the prize table will be performed on the players based on the rank they achieved.

For a more in-depth tutorial, look at the full tutorial here: Prize Tables

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