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byBrendanVanous 2016-02-16

New Feature: Resettable Leaderboards

We’re happy today to announce one of the most frequently requested features — resettable leaderboards, made possible by versioned player stats. You can now have leaderboards which reset on a regular, predefined cadence, so that you can have a monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly leaderboards in your game.

To define the reset schedule, click the “Leaderboards” tab on the “Player” menu. Each player statistic shows as a distinct leaderboard, with the information on what version (or iteration, in this display) it is on, as well as the period for when it resets.

Clicking on a leaderboard will show you the current top players, as well as its full reset history. From this screen, you can also change the reset interval of the leaderboard via the “Edit Leaderboard” option, or reset it immediately, using “Reset Now”.

Each time a leaderboard resets, the related stat values will reset for all players. However, the previous scores are still stored, so you can use them to determine the top players, whether for a weekly challenge, tournament, or any other purpose. You can retrieve historical values via the Admin API, or via the Game Manager. For example, here’s a statistic in another test title which has been versioned daily for a while:

In this case, the full set of stats for all players from any previous version can be retrieved using the “Download” option for any previous day.

For all the info on how to use versioning statistics (or put another way, resettable leaderboards), have a look at our full tutorial here.

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