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by Thom Robbins 2015-10-01

New Live Game Ops e-Book & Resource Page

At PlayFab, we think everyone should have access to the tools and knowledge to run successful live games. That’s why we offer a free tier option for our tools and why we’re now pleased to announce the Live Game Operations resource page. This is a community resource for finding and interacting with content to learn the best practices for live game operations.

To kick things off, we’re offering a new e-book, Getting Started with Live Game Operations. Learn about the three core pillars of live game operations success: user acquisition, user engagement, and monetization.

We’ve compiled all our webinars, blog posts and white papers about game operations into the resource page for easy reference, and we’ll continue to update with new content from PlayFab. We want this to be a source for useful information from all over, so we’ve also included links to other sites with helpful materials as well, such as forecasting tools from Gamesbrief and Famous Aspect.

Do you have a favorite live game operations resource we should link to? Or a topic you’d like to see covered? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to learn more, don’t forget to sign up for our Live Game Ops Academy. You can still catch the last two in this new webinar series.