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byCJWilliams 2019-09-10

New Navigation for Game Manager (Public Preview)

We’re excited to finally share the new navigation system we’ve been working on for Game Manager that will modernize the user experience, give you more flexibility, and improve usability. 

PlayFab’s goal and the foundation of this new design is to create a fully integrated backend suite that puts you in the driver seat and gives you the option to pick and choose the services that work best for your game. This new navigation is the first update to the overall UI Refresh plan and a part of our move to a component-based design system built on React. We are eager for feedback during this early stage so please leave a comment in our Forums.

A new modern design style 

This new style is inspired by the Fluent design language adopted across Microsoft and will roll out over the next few months. We’re starting with design improvements to the navigation and then we’ll deliver updates to each page over time. The objectives of this new design language are to be clear, to gracefully support high information density, and to of course be fast. The result will be an increased emphasis on your work while providing a consistent and predictable experience across PlayFab.


Title and Studio navigation

One major user-reported pain point that the new navigation addresses are the challenges in understanding how features are related to each other, their value, and the optimal time to use them.

To address this pain point and improve usability in Game Manager, the left navigation is now grouped into the three phases of LiveOps: Build, Engage, and Analyze. To help improve wayfinding there is now a clear separation between the game title, game studio, and account navigation spaces and we’ve simplified our icon set with color accents to emphasize each active state.


A new global header is now present on every page of the product regardless of where you are, showing your location context along with quick access to account controls. 

The components of the header from left-to-right are as follows:

  • The PlayFab product icon – a quick link back to the My Studios & Titles homepage where you can view/manage your list of game titles and studio information
  • Studio name
  • Bell icon – notifications for news, updates, and API release notes
  • Help icon – view our docs, help guide, or contact us
  • User Profile image – manage your Studio/Account settings, submit feedback, or get help documentation


The left navigation menu provides more vertical real estate for page content and can collapse for more horizontal space. This is especially useful if you’re viewing player or configuration data with a lot of columns.  

To help scale Game Manager and account for our upcoming releases we have consolidated and renamed some of our left navigation features.

  • Dashboard is now Title Overview
  • Analytics features are now split between Dashboards and Data
  • Title settings and admin links now appear within the gear icon

Send us feedback

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment in our Forums.

- Ramil Azucena, PlayFab Design Lead