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by Lori Smith 2015-04-17

New PlayFab Betas for Photon, Unity

We're pleased to announce we've now made it even easier to integrate Photon multiplayer and the Unity game engine with PlayFab's services. We have a major release still in the works, but our private beta has gone so well that we're opening up early access to all developers. 


Many of you are already using Photon on our private PlayFab cloud, and this release makes it simpler than ever to add server logic to your game. You can now auto-provision Photon directly from the Game Manager and it will come preconfigured to call webhook handlers in Cloud Script. Just click on the Servers tab in Game Manager, then select the Photon tab and follow the instructions to get started.

Once you've registered for a Photon account, you will then see your Photon application IDs in the same tab. Read our Using Photon with PlayFab guide to learn how to create and join a Photon room, how to trigger a webhook, and where to download code samples.

New Unity Package

We're also opening up access to our new Unity package. With the new PlayFab Manager prefab, you'll get device authentication and analytics with zero code, plus receipt validation and push notifications with zero native code. To download this package before it hits the Unity asset store, use this link: The ReadMe file includes instructions for integrating it with your Unity project.

If you have any questions or comments about these offerings, please email We welcome your feedback.