Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

byPaul Gilmore 2017-01-06

New SDK Getting Started Guides

We have published new getting started guides for most of our SDKs. These guides are each SDK specific, and have detailed instructions on how to install any environment, hook up the corresponding PlayFab SDK, and make your first Login API call.

Here’s a full list of all the guides:


For now, these guides will remain in GitHub, in each SDK repository. We hope to eventually get them hosted on our docsite as well, but we have other changes to the docsite we’d like to do first.

Anecdotes and Stories (If you’re looking for a distraction)

Making these guides has been pretty interesting. In the process, we’ve identified and resolved some installation pain points that might prevent a user from using an SDK. Of particular note is the recent WindowsSDK overhaul. To a lesser degree, we also made some modifications to the CSharp SDK so that Xamarin works out of the box. In short, working on these guides has given us a good look at the setup process for all of these environments, and helped us help you help us all.

Happy Coding!