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by Zac Bragg 2015-10-09

Office Hours: Push Notifications

Thanks to everyone who came to our first virtual office hours last week! We'll continue to do these every second Wednesday, and next week's theme will be push notifications.

Push notifications allow developers to send immediate, one-to-many messages to their players' home screens. This is an awesome power, but it requires making sure that your messages work across multiple platforms and delivery channels. PlayFab simplifies this process, but developers still need to understand how to configure their games.

In this session, I'll start by walking through how to set up Android and iOS notification channels for your game, and then how to use PlayFab's Cloud Script to send and test your push notifications. I'll also show off sample code for every step in the process that you can then reuse for your own projects.

As this is an office hours session, please bring questions from your own experience with push notifications, as well as any issues or awesome solutions you've discovered. See you then!

The details:

Virtual Office Hours: Push Notifications

Wed., Oct. 14, 10 am PDT (1 pm EDT)

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