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by Paul Gilmore 2016-10-04

PlayFab SDK Now Available for Corona

We recently released our Lua SDK, and promised integration with the Corona game engine. We’re happy to announce that our PlayFab SDK for Corona is now available via the Corona marketplace. Quick Start: For a Quick-Start guide to using the Corona plugins, see our Corona readme on GitHub:

Corona Marketplace: You can download the SDK via the Corona marketplace. Like most of our SDKs, our Corona plugin comes in 3 flavors:

  • Client gives access to the PlayFab Client API, and is the most commonly used SDK. It is meant to be distributed in your game client, to your players.
  • Server gives access to the PlayFab Server API, and is meant to be used from a game server, typically for a multiplayer game.
  • Combined gives access to both client and server, and is for evaluating or testing PlayFab, and can also be used in custom admin tools.

Documentation and Examples: You can find full PlayFab documentation at our documentation site. There you will find a full reference for the Client API and the Server API.

Source Code: Corona is the first PlayFab SDK that cannot be downloaded directly from our website, since it is only available via the Corona Marketplace, and only as compiled Lua rather than Lua source.

However, we are committed to open-source for all of our SDKs, and you can view the source code on GitHub by building the LuaSdk with our SDKGenerator, and then examining the {LuaSdk}/_Build/CoronaPluginBuilders folder after building (How-to details are in the SdkGenerator readme). The Corona plugin is a customized version of our open-source LuaSDK.