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byMark Val 2015-07-23

PlayFab Gets a European Address

With Gamescom just two weeks away, there couldn't be a better time to announce PlayFab's new Berlin office. We've seen huge demand for our services across Europe, and having Berlin-based developer support will mean we can help our customers even more.

The games industry here is definitely changing. Just a few years ago, Europe was dominated by a few big game publishers. But with the popularity of free-to-play and mobile, we're seeing the rise of thousands of small and medium-size studios, all looking to get into the game. In fact, even the big studios are now focusing on smaller games much more than they were before.  

This means that more and more developers of all sizes are looking for cost-effective solutions that reduce the time to launch and operate an online game. PlayFab provides just such a platform and I'm proud of all the games made in Europe that are using PlayFab. Among them are:

And with more than 40 percent of returning developers in our Game Manager coming from Europe, I'm excited for what comes next.

Speaking of which, can you believe Gamescom (and GDC Europe and Respawn) are just a few weeks away? We're bringing a big team to Cologne, so if you'd like to see a demo of PlayFab or talk to us, please email us to set that up. We had a great time already this summer meeting people at Unite Europe and Develop: Brighton, but of course Gamescom is the biggest game event of the year.

And the next time you're in Berlin, drop by and see us! We're located on the popular street of Kurfürstendamm in one of the busiest sectors of Berlin. That's our building in the photo on top, and here's our address:

Kurfürstendamm 234
10719 Berlin