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by JamesGwertzman 2015-10-26

PlayFab is Sponsoring the Global Game Jam

We had so much fun sponsoring the Seattle Game Jam that now we’re going global! I’m pleased to announce that PlayFab is an official sponsor of the 2016 Global Game Jam. We’re also offering free Standard Tier to any game registered as part of the GGJ.

The Global Game Jam is the world’s largest game jam, with tens of thousands of people taking part in hundreds of locations around the world. The 2016 dates are January 29-31. If you don’t see a location near you already, why not start one of your own?

In addition to offering free Standard Tier (and that’s for the life of the game, not just while you’re at the GGJ), PlayFab will also be offering special pre-event webinars, a support forum actively managed throughout the GGJ weekend, and support after the event as well.  

Last year, the Global Game Jam produced more than 5,000 new games. I can’t wait to help break that record this year!


Seattle Game Jam Winner Now on Greenlight

Gurgamoth Lives is now on Steam Greenlight! The local multiplayer party game, which won the People’s Choice awardat the Seattle Game Jam, pits you against your fellow flying monkeys as you fly, dash, and sacrifice yourself to the elder god Gurgamoth. Learn more and vote for it to be released on Steam.

Wondering what the Judges' Award winner is up to? The team behind Mad-scien-tile-ology just published a postmortem about their experience and where they're taking the game next.