Latest news and updates from the PlayFab developers

byLori Smith 2015-09-28

PlayFab Joins the GeekWire 200

One of the reasons we love Seattle is the energy that comes from being surrounded by so many other innovative startups. There are so many that local tech news site GeekWire keeps an updated list of the top tech startups in the Pacific Northwest: GeekWire 200. We’re pleased to announce that just a year over we first made our service public, we’re now one of the 200!

The top of the list is filled with big established names such as DocuSign and Redfin, so we’ll happily take our debut at #185 and look forward to moving up as we continue to grow in size and recognition. (If you want to help us with that, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!)


PlayFab in the News

As long as we’re tooting our horn a bit, have you checked out our new News page yet? You can read articles about us from VentureBeat, Develop, and more, plus see what our CEO James Gwertzman is saying about the games industry in publications such as the New York Times.

This page is also where you’ll find all our press releases, including our new survey on what players think of game security.