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by CJWilliams 2017-11-06

PlayFab Now Supports is a fast, free, and fun open source framework for Canvas and WebGL games. This amazing framework empowers game developers in making browser games. We here at PlayFab have noticed a pretty substantial increase in demand for web based games. The rising popularity of Facebook instant games may be part of that increase. Web based games have been happening for some time, and PlayFab has always supported browser game developers with our Javascript SDK. Well, life just got even better for developers who have chosen as their framework of choice, because now and PlayFab are compatible.   

Now you can harness the power of PlayFab and together to build better and more engaging experiences for browser gaming. PlayFab offers a ton of features; account management, leaderboards, player data analytics, and multiple Live Ops features from user segmentation to A/B testing stores, and more. Now, game developers who relied on gain all of the PlayFab benefits when using + PlayFab.  

We have created a Getting Started Guide to ramp you up, but in short, you can pair these two amazing pieces of technology with 2 lines of code! So check out our Getting Started Guide to see how!